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Couple Checkup Conference
Couple Checkup Conference Couple Checkup Conference
Couple Checkup Conference

The Prescription Strength conference for
Dating, Engaged, Married & Remarried Couples
presented by author, therapist, & speaker Ron L. Deal


   "I 've been to several marriage conferences and this is the best
and most practical one I've ever attended."

--Participant, St. Paul, MN 

"A dynamic, entertaining, and informative conference.
It ended too soon! I liked the personalized report on our relationship."

"Ron is an awesome speaker. Bring him back."

--Participants, Houston

"Since this conference we have been communicating better
and enjoying our relationship."

--Participant, Oklahoma City



Find conference locations and information on hosting one in your community.
Book, audio, and video resources available.
Take the online Couple Checkup inventory from Life Innovations.
Phone coaching and marriage intensive therapy.

 Could you benefit from:



  • a x-ray of the strengths and growth opportunities in your relationship? 
  • advice from over 200,000 "experts" (couples just like you) on how to go from good to great? 
  • a personalized CPS (Couple Positioning System®) providing direction for your future together? 
  • a multimedia, "laugh and learn" conference event that appeals to men and women in dating, engaged, married, and remarried relationships?

book The Smart Stepfamily Marriage The Couple Checkup (hardback)


The Couple Checkup Research Team conducted an analysis of over one hundred thousand couples, just like you, from around the world and discovered the strengths of highly intimate, happy couples. Our research has resulted in two acclaimed hardcover books (The Couple Checkup and The Smart Stepfamily Marriage) and a live conference event for dating, engaged, married, and remarried couples from author, conference speaker, and research team member Ron L. Deal. The Couple Checkup Conference (also called Empowered to Love) is not just another marriage conference. Yes, it's humorous, practical, and rooted in Biblical wisdom, but it's also personal. Very personal.  


Here's how it works:


Register for a Couple Checkup Conference in your region. Find one here.  (Find information on hosting an event here.)

After registering, you will be given a voucher code to take the online Couple Checkup relationship profile (the most well researched and widely used relationship inventory in the world). The profile tailors itself to you whether dating, engaged, married, or in a remarriage relationship. Complete the profile at least 2 weeks before your conference.

Immediately after completing the profile you will receive a personal Couple Repor--an x-ray of your relationship-detailing your strengths and growth opportunities. It is your personal prescription for how to strengthen your relationship. Your marriage education has

Get away from it all and strengthen your relationship.
already begun! (Checkup's taken within six months of a conference can be utilized, i.e., you will not need to take it again.)

  • Two weeks later, attend your Couple Checkup Conference. 
  • Get away from it all and strengthen your relationship. 

While your personal Couple Report is will be kept confidential and anonymous (even from Couple Checkup staff), a summary of the entire group of couples attending your conference will be analyzed for group trends and specific needs. Your speaker, seasoned family trainer and Research Team member Ron L. Deal, will then tailor conference presentations to meet the needs of those attending your conference event-including you! It's personalized marriage enrichment for prescription strength.

The result? You walk away from the conference with a personal Couple Positioning System (CPS). Like a GPS device that provides direction to reach your destination, your personal CPS provides personal insight into the "location" of your relationship right now, a map of the strengths of great relationships, and personal direction for how you can strengthen your relationship.





Plan to attend a conference today!


Prescription Strength!

"Ron, I can't tell you have thrilled I am with last weekend's conference! The quality of your teaching is simply exceptional. You gave us such great biblical insight, encouragement, and challenge. Your humor and transparency helped bring everyone quickly onboard with where you were taking us and kept our full attention throughout. Thank you for developing such an excellent conference and for pouring all your heart, soul, and energy into delivering it."

--Rick Baldwin

Senior Pastor, Friendswood Community Church

Houston, TX


"The Couple Checkup Conference with Ron Deal was a one of a kind event. We laughed, we cried, and we connected with one another. He was authentic, sharing his own personal life challenges, and gave us practical steps that we could apply to our relationships today. He injected humor and hope throughout the weekend and took us deep to challenge our intimacy and brought us back up where we could laugh at ourselves.

We can't wait to have him come back again! Something special happened in that room this past weekend that I want everyone to experience. God blessed our relationships through this event."

--Amanda Wood, Ph.D.
Director of Counseling Ministry
Director of Marriage Ministry
Coast Hills Community Church
Aliso Viejo, CA


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