Host a Conference


 At a recent conference 11% of attendees were dating/engaged (89% married),
one-third of the married couples had stepchildren,
and 34% of couples were over the age of 50.

This event offers something for everyone.

“Ron hit it out of the park. My wife and I loved this seminar.
So did our church. Ron brings a great mixture of biblical depth
and practicality. Great stories, humor, and content.”

H. Henry Williams, Senior Pastor

Five Oaks Church

Woodbury, MN


New lower conference fee! See the updated Conference Planner (below) for details.

Are you ready to do something about the divorce rate in your community?  Have you made the connection between stronger marriages and healthier communities... and greater child-wellbeing... and more productive corporations... and the ability to pass faith from one generation to another?  If so, then bring the Couple Checkup Conference to your church or community.  The Couple Checkup is an outgrowth of the PREPARE/ENRICH inventory used by over 80,000 counselors and ministry leaders world-wide.


Combining Biblically-based wisdom and research-informed direction, this unique conference offers Prescription Strength:

  • Personalized couple enrichment;

    Get on Board 

    The Couple Checkup is utilized by many cutting edge ministries including Focus on the Family, FamilyLife, Willow Creek Community Church, Love Is, the Chick-fil-A Marriage & Family Foundation, and the US Military.

    Did you know? 

    One study* found that a relationship inventory accounted for as much as 30% of the total impact of a marriage enrichment  program. 

    Imagine the growth that couples can receive from a conference that integrates the Couple Checkup into the learning process!  Contact us today about how you can bring this event to your church or community.

    * Worthington and colleagues, Journal of Counseling Psychology, 1995.

    Presentations tailored to each audience (based on a group summary report of the couples attending your event);
  • Powered by PREPARE/ENRICH (now know as the online Couple Checkup) and research from over 100,000 couples; and
  • Research-based insights for dating, engaged, married, and remarried (likely one-third of the audience) couples!

Plus, based on the data from couples attending your event, Ron will provide you with marriage and family ministry strategic planning consultation so you can meet the needs of families in your community after the event.  Ron wants to help you plan a ministry, not just host an event.  Let us help. 



So, how do you host an event?  Take three steps...


1. Read and print our Conference Planner detailing conference host responsibilities, financial considerations, expenses, marketing strategies, and more (Adobe PDF required).  Review the Planner and consider how you can work with us.

2. If you have additional questions about hosting an event, feel free to call and speak with Ron Deal (806-356-7701). If you'd like to visit with someone who brought this event to their church, call Amanda Wood, Ph.D., at Trinity Counseling Ministries in Mission Viejo, CA. She hosted this conference in November 2011. Contact: Amanda Wood by email.

3. Then, when ready to request an event, complete our online Conference Request Form.  It will email us your information and we can begin to process your request.


Then what happens?  Ron will contact you to confirm receipt of your request.  The Couple Checkup Conference scheduling team will then review requests and make decisions on which invitations we can accept.  Please understand that scheduling dates are limited and we cannot accept every invitation each year.  We generally schedule events six months in advance.


Special Events?  If you need Ron for a special event (pastors conference, community event, retreat, etc.) complete the Conference Request Form and share some details about your event.  Speaking fees will be negotiated for each specific event.


Post Conference Small Groups: Materials are available to help your church launch post-conference study groups for married and remarried couples. The two landmark books The Couple Checkup and The Remarriage Checkup both have FREE study guides for small groups. Taking a group through the books following the conference is a great way to "dive deep" and further enhance the gains aquired at the conference. Ask us about this great program.



We look forward to partnering with you to enrich the lives of couples in your community!




“Ron Deal was the guest speaker at a large event we held in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.
His ability to connect with the crowd was incredible and he held their attention the whole day.
Comments from attendees included everything from “funny and entertaining” to
“an event that saved our marriage.” We would not hesitate for a minute to ask Ron
to be the guest speaker at another event.
The responses from the attendees were extremely positive
and the day was a HUGE success.” 


Rebecca L. Holland, MS, CRC

New Mexico Marriages First Project Director



“The Couple Checkup Conference was the best couple’s event we have hosted at Chapelwood. 
The group summary report we received the week before the event was a powerful tool
that shaped the entire conference. Ron focused on topics with which our
registered couples were struggling. Ron’s presentation received rave reviews.
This is Ron’s second conference at Chapelwood and we look forward to having him again.”


Rev Tim Roth

Family Minister

Houston, TX