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Couple Checkup Conference Couple Checkup Conference Couple Checkup Conference
Couple Checkup Conference

Personal Help: Therapy & Coaching




If you're at the end of your marital rope, don't let go.

Featured in Ladies' Home Journal!

Did you know Ron's therapy with couples and marriage intensive model was featured in the May 2012 issue of Ladies' Home Journal? It was the subject of their popular feature article Can This Marriage Be Saved? in which each person of a couple in a troubled marriage explains their view of the problem, a marriage counselor explains the solutions offered in counseling, and the outcome is published. Read it here 



Ron Deal offers intensive marital therapy for couples in crisis. You can receive personal care from one of the most respected marriage experts in the country. Intensives are available for individual couples only (group intensives are not available at this time). The cost for the 3-day intensive is $3500 (includes three nights in hotel, breakfast, and lunch meals). Travel to/from Little Rock and dinner meals is an additional expense. Couples from the Little Rock area also have the option of one, two, or three-day intensives.


When should we consider an intensive?

Many times outpatient therapy (usually one hour at a time) is very helpful to couples. However, when the relationship is not improving or the urgent nature of the marital crisis does not allow for therapy over time, an intensive may be the best option. This is not a “private conference” or a pre-determined workshop. This is Christ-centered marital therapy that is tailored to your family context, marital history, and dynamics. (Please note that this is not part of the ministry of FamilyLife, but is offered through Smart Stepfamilies.)



What are the options for marital intensives?

1. 3-day private intensive with Ron Deal. A typical schedule is:

  • Travel and arrive at hotel the evening before we begin.
  • You and Ron will meet in a private hotel meeting room from approximately 8:30-5:00 PM for three days.
  • Depart on the third afternoon/evening. Any additional hotel nights are at couple’s expense.
  • One-day or two-day intensives are also available for couples in the Little Rock area. Contact Ron for details and fees.

2. If it does not work out for you to see Ron, he suggests you consider one of these Christian intensive options



How does it work?

The unique hotel/retreat setting and the amount of time spent addressing issues creates an opportunity for healing and growth to occur more quickly. Ron has been utilizing this format for therapy over the past few years and has seen significant success (although no one can predict the outcome for your situation).



What about after-care?

Intensives used to include follow-up sessions, however, restrictions between states now prevent Ron from offering this. Some couples will want to continue working through issues with a local therapist; Ron is happy to consult with that therapist once and provide an overview of your treatment thus far. Couples living in the Little Rock area have the option of continuing face-to-face treatment with Ron at his Napa Valley counseling office at the usual fee of $115 per hour.



How do I find out more or make arrangements for an intensive?

Intensives are offered when Ron's schedule allows. To inquire about open dates:


Next Open Intensive Dates:

    1. Email Ron and briefly share about your situation. Include your available dates for a 3 day intensive.
    2. Ron will reply some initial questions to help you and him determine if an intensive is right for you.
    3. Assuming you both feel confident about the intensive model for your situation, scheduling options will then be explored.


Intensive costs include therapy, 3-nights lodging in a hotel, breakfast, and lunch meals. Clients are responsible for transportation to and from Little Rock and dinner meals.

  • We prefer payment by check, but credit cards are accepted
  • Half of the fee is due after scheduling, the other half due once the intensive begins
  • Cancellations are charged a $250 administration fee


NOTE: Intensives are offered as part of Ron's personal ministry and are not sponsored by FamilyLife.