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Couple Checkup Conference
Couple Checkup Conference Couple Checkup Conference Couple Checkup Conference
Couple Checkup Conference



To register, contact a conference host directly. Once you have registered, you should receive an email from your conference host providing a voucher code so you can take the Couple Checkup without cost.

To get the full benefit of this conference it is very important that you complete the online Couple Checkup by the date provided.

If you have further questions, contact your local conference host. Remember to tell a friend about the conference!



Important Reminders to take the online Couple Checkup:

·         Begin by going to www.CoupleCheckup.com.

·         When prompted enter your personal Voucher Code (provided by the conference host after registration)

·         Please complete the Inventory by the Inventory Deadline.

·         Your inventory Report is completely confidential; no one will view it except you!


Once you have received your voucher code, follow these directions:


First Person creates the Couple Account and completes their Checkup
Step 1: Review and check the box to Accept Terms and Conditions
Step 2: Enter Payment: Voucher Code _____-_____-_____
Step 3: Type in your First Name and Email; then enter your Partner’s First Name and email (the first names will be printed on the report)
Step 4:  Create your own unique password and type it in the space provided
  Account has now been created: You will be emailed your account  information
Step 5: Login and complete your Couple Checkup

Second Person can Login to the Couple Account and complete their Checkup
Step 1: Click Login from the main page
Step 2: Enter Account Number and Password received from your partner
Step 3: Complete your Couple Checkup

 Print two copies of your Couple Report (one for each of you) and bring them to the Couple Checkup Conference.

·         Your Report is completely confidential (“for your eyes only”); no one will have access to your report but you.

The Couple Checkup (hardback)


Finally, before coming to the conference consider purchasing and reading a copy of either The Couple Checkup (for first-marriage couples) or The Remarriage Checkup (for couples where one or both partners has been previous married). This will fully prepare you to make the most of the event.

See you there!